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Newsletters are published early in the month and feature the previous month market statistics for Darien, Fairfield, Greenwich,  New Canaan, Norwalk, Weston, Westport and Wilton. Contact me anytime, 203-246-9065, for additional information.  Click here to automatically receive monthly newsletters.

May 2019 News............

April 2019 News ......... 
Single family home sales......Making your home more attractive to buyers

March 2019 News....... 
Single family home CT taxes for homeowners....

February 2019 News   
Single Family Home Sales.....see who's moving South..

January 2019 News     
2018 Local Market Recap - 2019 Forecast

December 2018 News 
Goldman Sachs predicts the 2019 Housing Market Performance

November 2018 News 
October Statistics .....Tax Breaks for Renting Your Home

October 2018 News     
Getting a home sold in 10 days....local statistics....



September 2018 News  
Declining CT population.........local statistics....

August 2018 News  
Home sales quiet....NAR Chief Economist reports on National Market....

July 2018 News      
Home sales Jump in June......

June 2018 News     
Lower Fairfield County home sales for May......How Art Affects Real Estate Values....

May 2018 Update   
Lower Fairfield County home sale statistics for April ....

April 2018 News     
Home sales for March .....southern Fairfield County

March 2018 News    
Home Sales for February, luxury wine cellars, stock market volatility...

February 2018 News 
Statistics for January home sales in Lower Fairfield County...
What every seller should know about the value of staging......

January 2018 News   
Southern Fairfield County single family home sale statistics for December
How the new tax law affects you....

December 2017 News  
Southern Fairfield County single family home statistics for November

November 2017 News 
October single family home sales for Lower Fairfield County 

October 2017 News     
September single family home sale statistics for Lower Fairfield County

September 2017 News   
August home sale activity for Fairfield, Norwalk, Weston and Westport

August 2017 Newsletter  
Home sales in July for Norwalk, Fairfield, Westport and Weston

July 2017 Newsletter         Home sales in June.....Creating inspiring living environments...

June 2017Newsletter        
Home sales in May....Connecticut home sale tax quashed......sales up for older Americans..

May 2017 Newsletter        
Home sales in April....patio and yard makeovers.....foreclosure and short sales.....

April 2017 Newsletter        
Home sales in March taxes, how to reduce them.....

March 2017 Newsletter       
Home sales in February kitchen and bath design trends for 2017

February 2017 Newsletter   
Mortgage Rates Move Lower....

January 2017Newsletter     
Welcome 2017!
See the top sales for 2016 and the market forecast for 2017......

December 2016 Newsletter   
Happy Holidays to Everyone!
Check out the November Single Family home sales for our area....

November 2016 Newsletter  
Time to Vote!
Our October market, the Psychology of Home Buying and Selling...

October 2016 Newsletter      
Our September Market Activity...
Why Millennials will be renting for a lot longer.....

September 2016 Newsletter  
August market activity....
How Pricing Too High Can Cost You....

August 2016 Newsletter        
Sales in all towns are down from July 2015.....
Do's and Dont's when buying a home....

July 2016 Newsletter           
Why some homes sell and others don't.....

June 2016 Newsletter           
Local statistics for May - why now is the time to buy.

 May 2016 Newsletter              
Mortgage Credit Availability Decreases - market statistics for April

April 2016 Newsletter             
How to find the current value of your home....

March 2016 Newsletter         
Assessed values vs. appraised values - how they are calculated and what they mean...

February 2016 Newsletter  
Renovating your home - what adds value and what doesn't and what detracts value...

January 2016 Newsletter   

 See the top sales for 2015 in Fairfield, Norwalk, Westport and Weston!